For the Love of Game - Documentary

We have an announcement! This week we are kicking off a new blog that shows how Level 2 Studios, more so Jared, gets from software developer to game developer. He will be chronicling his journey through blog posts, screenshots, vlogs, and more.

Will this be a success? This is uncertain. Initially we want to follow Jared for 1 year, starting this coming Saturday. The goal is to see what Jared can do in one year of busy schedules, solo development, and married life. We hope pipe dream of game development become reality!

Check out the start of the blog here: - we officially start the countdown on Saturday, March 15!

Game Project, Blog, More!

We are finishing some work with our Publicizr app. Hopefully we can crank out a couple bug fixes and a marketing page in the next week or so. The transition from the old app serving that purpose to the Publicizr app has gone well! There has been more work to make the app public, but not enough interest to open it up yet.

As you know, we have been making a lot of changes recently. One of our big changes is in the way we operate. Level 2 Studios will no longer take contract work (at least in the web and general software domain), and instead we are focusing on some internal projects. Our goal is to finally get into the game development arena.

We have a some game ideas and technology choices to still make. In doing so, we want to expose the whole process, or as much as we can. In the coming week or so, we will be kicking off a side blog where we share our experience in making the move to games. This site will still be our big company and project updates, the other blog will be more stream-of-conscience about decisions that most indies face. 

Transition: Part 2

We have released Publicizr into private beta. We are still working on bringing the last few users into the system. From here, we hope to add small features and fix bugs and workflows within the app. At this point we may not even make a full public release, unless there is need. The payment processing system integration will just be rather tedious, as well as the marketing sites.

Our focus over the next few months will be in kicking off our long awaited push into the game development world. We will be releasing details on what this will look like in more depth in the coming weeks. For now, we finalize our technology stacks, get software and systems prepped for design and development and dig back into the wealth of game ideas.

Part of our push into the gaming world, we will be doing heavy documentation. One does not simply become a published game developer overnight, therefore we want to share our journey (good, bad, or otherwise) with the community. As we go, announcements will happen here, while more informal development journals will take place on another blog. Once that is up and running we will share links.

Look forward to big things this 2014!


Get mobile!

Beginning this month, we have a new app called Publicizr available. It will begin in closed beta testing and will begin rolling out to the public in the coming weeks.

Publicizr is a CMS and mobile web app designed for quickly building a mobile web presence. We are harnessing an internal CMS to power much of the application. This allows for some fun features, like custom favicons, mobile web icons, and add to home screen icons. We also have the ability to do many other things, like custom colors or page scheduling.

No pricing plan has been announced yet, this information will be available with the public release announcement.

Rebuilding Year

2014 is a rebuilding year.

Level 2 Studios had both Derek Slenk and Josh Compaan stepped down at the end of 2013. These guys did some awesome things while working with us. We are now shifting around our brand and product/service offering because of these changes. Work will still be done on our existing client projects, but we will be focusing mainly on internal projects.

In the next few weeks, expect to see a few announcements on what we have been doing and what we will continue to work on for the rest of 2014. We have some changes to our current apps, if you are using them, and a few new products on the way - keep an eye out for those announcements soon!